Electrical Contracts

A Strategic Partner For Your Success

As a dedicated supplier for electrical projects, Jakson brings the knowledge and expertise tailored for every stage of building a power system. We specialize in setting up of HV and LV electrical systems ensuring that your entire electrical infrastructure functions at its highest level.

With a proven track record of multidisciplinary electrical projects across the country, Jakson provides cost-effective one-stop solutions comprising supply, installation, testing and commissioning for the entire electrical infrastructure.Apart from executing individual contracts, Jakson also provides complete solutions for large scale electrification works. 

Our Services

  • Power distribution systems, Switchyards, Sub-stations

  • Power Distribution Equipment

  • Cabling System including Installation, Earthing and Lightning protection

  • Communication Systems including Intercoms and Public Address System

  • Building Automation Systems

  • Security & Surveillance systems including Fire Alarm and Fire Detection Systems

  • HVAC Systems

  • Lighting & Illumination systems both external & internal including point wiring

  • Renovation, modification &up gradation services

  • Energy conservation & management study

Our Services For Utility Sectors

  • Power Receiving Switchyards and substations

  • Step Down substations (HT to LT)

  • Overhead or underground HT & LT Power Distribution

  • Power backup with DG Sets, UPS or Solar energy

  • Road / Area Lighting

  • Communication networking

  • Security & surveillance systems

Flagship Projects